About me

 Hi dears!
My name is Inna. I am 15 years old. I am Ukrainian.I live in a small house which I love very much. Every day I like to create cozy things . Most of all I love to knit and crochet. Also I love to sew and paint. I hope we'll be friends. I want to find people with the same interests. Come here!. I'll give you an aromatic coffee with milk and cookies!
Also I love Christmas and New Year. I'm waiting for a magical time for all over the year.

 What will you find in my blog?
- Cozy things for the home
- Maybe little toys
- Crocheted things
- Knitted things
- Sewed things 
- Modest facts about the life of an ordinary Ukrainian girl

 p.s. Sorry for my English. I just learn this language. In my blog you will find posts in English and in my native Ukrainian.
I wish you an inspiration ...


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